About Rev. Cathy

Cathy Towle is an internationally known intuitive, shaman, activist and author. She was ordained as an interfaith minister in 2005 and is registered as a Wedding Officiant in New York City and the surrounding areas.

A veteran of the media industry, Cathy spent 22 years as a design and marketing executive, running her own marketing firm, Catfish Design, for several years. After 2002, Cathy shifted her focus in a new direction. She became an interfaith minister and spiritual counselor, and re-engaged with the energy healing techniques she had been studying and practicing for fifteen years. She became interested in connections between intuition, shamanic healing, nature, and it’s practical application to leadership. In 2005 she developed The Center for Integrative Wellness for Cicatelli Associates, a program teaching health care professionals about complimentary alternative medicine (CAM) therapies and the connection between mind, body, spirit and community. In 2006, she joined forces with internationally known author and spiritual teacher Andrew Harvey to manage his career and to create the Institute for Sacred Activism. Their programs provided leadership training steeped in spiritual technology to inform cultural change in the global community.

In private practice, Cathy works with individuals as a spiritual life coach, spirit medium, and shamanic healer, to teach people how to succeed in their lives by embracing and navigating the change we are surrounded with. She also works with Natural Health and Wellness, Eco-Friendly and Human Potential personalities to help them market their services and build their careers so that they can positively impact the planet. Her essays on Ecology and Spirit are on her blog – http://intuitiveearth.wordpress.com

Cathy graduated from Boston College with A BA in Fine Art in 1980. She became a Reiki Master Teacher in 1994 in the tradition of Tera-Mai Seichem, and The Forever Family Foundation Certificate Program certified Cathy as an Evidential Medium in 2006. She has participated as a research medium, and works with Sturges Paranormal as a Paranormal Investigator (www.sturgesparanormal.com). She has studied Hinduism, Buddhism, esoteric mystery traditions; shamanism, herbology and earth centered religion, and is the daughter of a West African spiritualist tradition. She writes about spirituality for The Villager Newspaper – http://www.thevillager.com. As a New York wedding officiant and interfaith minister Cathy performs all kinds of ceremonies for families, including baby blessings, commitment ceremonies, memorials and funerals.

Cathy lives in Brooklyn with her husband, two teens, a dog, and many cats.


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